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Nature comes alive during the spring season. Flowers bloom into a kaleidoscope of color, the chilly weather turns warmer, and bare tree branches give way to budding green leaves. Just as nature awakens from its slumber, so do pesky bugs, too. At this time of the year, mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and other insects readily crawl out of their hiding places and into your home.

Fortunately, the Health Ranger Store has your back with two superior, natural repellent formulas: Bugs Away Spray and Bug Defender. One is made for your skin and the other for your home. Both products are created using pure and natural ingredients derived from native plants found across the U.S. This trusty pair of insect repellents will take care of those annoying bug, so that you and your family can enjoy springtime even more.

These products are non-toxic, DEET-free, China-free, and have been thoroughly lab tested for glyphosate (for Bugs Away), heavy metals, and microbiology. Most importantly, they are super effective at protecting you, your family, and your home. 

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The Health Ranger's Experience:

I completely avoid DEET and other toxic chemicals on my skin and in my body. But when mosquitoes and other bugs get crazy, I need some commonsense protection from them just like you do. I got tired of all the dishonest products claiming to be "all natural" when they were really filled with synthetic chemicals, so I created my own formula based on essential oils and honest, clean ingredients (with no synthetic chemicals used, ever!).

For those who want to be protected from mosquitoes and bugs while also avoiding being poisoned by DEET, these natural repellent formulas are your solution. You won't find a more honest, clean, and effective bug spray and insect repellent.


Watch out for these ingredients in your bug spray/bug repellent

Do you know what goes in to making conventional bug repellents and insecticides? 

These are just some of the names you'll find on most labels.

Ammonia – The most common neurotoxin, it attacks the lungs, liver, brain, and nerves.

Arsenic – As it often contaminates groundwater and food sources, repeated exposure to arsenic causes skin lesions and certain cancers.

Benzene – This coal-derived, volatile liquid can harm the bones and blood.

Ethylene oxide – Inhaling this fumigant can negatively impact the lungs.

Formaldehyde – This highly toxic chemical is used in the preservation of corpses. Enough said.

DEET – When swallowed, the "king of insect repellents" can result in severe stomach problems.

Chlorine – Once used as a chemical weapon, chlorine is described as a "choking agent" because it stops a person's ability to breathe.

Methanol-polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) – Various respiratory illnesses, skin lesions, and liver problems have all been traced to this chemical.

Dioxins – This group of chemical compounds can weaken the immune system, affect reproduction, and stunt the normal growth of children.

Instead of using commercial insecticides laced with harmful chemicals, replace your bug spray and repellent with the Health Ranger's Bugs Away Spray and Health Ranger Select Bug Defender; two non-toxic, chemical-free, yet extremely effective alternatives to the toxic insect repellents usually found at retail stores.




Bugs Away Spray 8 oz
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The Health Ranger's Bugs Away Spray is a chemical-free insect repellent that's gentle on your skin... spray it directly on all the skin areas that might be exposed to flying insects. It's formulated with pure essential oils and honest, clean ingredients. It contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals.

With so many mysterious viruses and pathogens being carried by mosquitoes and other biting insects, don't leave yourself defenseless! 

It is 100% natural, with no synthetic chemicals. Morever, it's made with certified organic witch hazel, citronella, eucalyptus, cedarwood, catnip, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree, litsea, and patchouli (all active ingredients are plant-based).

Why ChooseHealth Ranger'sBugs Away Spray?**

Bugs Away Spray 8 oz

Bugs Away Spray is based on essential oils that possess natural insect-repellent properties.

Keep the bugs at bay the natural way. Because of our Organic Witch Hazel base, each spray moisturizes and refreshes your skin while our potent blend of insect-repelling essential oils keeps the bugs away. It contains zero artificial fragrance or synthetic chemicals. For your safety, it's lab tested for heavy metals, microbiology, and even glyphosate, a cancer-causing herbicide.

Aside from protecting your skin from bugs, it also nourishes and hydrates the skin.**




Bug Defender 8oz


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Health Ranger Select Bug Defender is an insect spray formulated to protect your home from insects and pests while being extremely safe to use around adults, kids, and pets. Its secret weapon is the fragrant essential oil of Texas cedar, a potent, insect-repelling tree. Its highly effective formula hits insects with a one-two punch to the respiratory system and the exoskeleton. Bug Defender takes out insects at all stages of life – from eggs to larvae to adults – without harming you or your loved ones. It also smells great.

Our formula is DEET-free, China-free, pet-friendly, and is lab tested for heavy metals, and microbiology.

Bug Defender 8oz

Health Ranger Select


works as a great barrier against all kinds of insects and pests, including:













Annoying pests and insects are no match against the winning combination of 

Health Ranger's Bugs Away Spray and Health Ranger Select Bug Defender. Together, 

they help provide a two-fold layer of protection for you, your family, and your home.

Bug Defender 8oz
Bugs Away Spray 8 oz

Health Ranger's

Health Ranger Select



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Is a bug spray that utilizes a cedar oil-based formula that directly attacks an insect's respiratory system and keeps bugs away from your home. It is safe to use around small children and pets. Don't fret about bugs this spring season. Let Health Ranger's Bugs Away Spray and Health Ranger Select Bug Defender take care of you.

Is an all-natural bug repellent derived from essential oils to drive off insects and keep yourself and your loved ones bug bite-free.

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Health Ranger Select Bug Defender

Health Ranger's Bugs Away Spray



"I sprayed it in all of the cracks ants were coming out of and they are all gone. We have not had any more ants in the house. It's amazing that something natural is this effective. It also smells great."

"I love the fact that this does not contain the toxins you find in the other sprays. It has a pleasant smell that is not overpowering and it works. I am a RN, and very concerned with a naturalistic approach to health."



"I had ants coming out from some cracks in the kitchen. I sprayed this product at the cracks and I don't have any ants coming out anymore. I like the fact that it's non-toxic. Love it!"

"Bugs Away and away they go. This insect repellent does not allow not one bug to get close to me or my family lol!"



"This is the only bug spray I use. I’m so glad I finally found one without all those harsh poisonous chemicals. I always get compliments on this spray."

"This product is awesome. My dog has had fleas and I've tried every natural flea treatment out there. We broke down and bought a super expensive flea collar that did nothing. As soon as I got the bug defender in the mail, I opened it and sprayed it directly on a flea that was on my dog and the flea died instantly. Would recommend!


"I have used this product the past 2 years here in South Carolina and it does a nice job of keeping the bugs away during evening walks. Also, the product smells nice and refreshes the skin when sprayed on and doesn't contain harmful chemicals."

Health Ranger Select

Bug Defender 8oz (236ml)

Health Ranger Select

Bug Defender 8oz (236ml) 3-pack

Health Ranger Select

Bugs Away Spray

8 oz (236ml)

Health Ranger Select

Bugs Away Spray

8 oz (236ml) 3-pack

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Health Ranger Select

Bugs Away + Bug Defender Combo Pack

Health Ranger Select

Bugs Away + Bug Defender Combo Pack (2-Pack)

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